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Naogen Shoyu

In the small town of Oono where the Kanazawa inlet meets the Sea of Japan is Chef Kevin Cory's family shoyu (soy sauce) brewery, Naogen since 1825.  Oono town's perfect climate and high quality water create great flavor for shoyu.  Oono town has been one of Japan's premiere centers of shoyu production since 1615.


Naogen Shoyu building

Soy sauce town, Oono

Currently in Oono town, there are still ancient wooden storehouses and kura buildings surrounded by old style shoyu barrels and ceramic jugs.  Crates of tall shoyu bottles sit here and there beside houses and factories.  Every street seems to contain at least one shoyu company emblazoned with a huge shoyu company mark. The Naoe family house is designated as a cultural asset of Kanazawa, Japan.

Naogen Shoyu tatami and irori

(above:  Photo from Gakuto magazine feature on former President, Shigeyuki Naoe)


Naoe family shoyu located in Oono by the Kanazawa inlet from the Sea of Jaapn

(above:  Naoe family shoyu brewery is located by the Kanazawa Port off the Sea of Japan.)


Making moromi, Naogen Shoyu

(above:  Making moromi.)


Shoyu is a fermented sauce made from soy beans, wheat and salt.  Another key element required is superior water.  Naoe shoyu uses Ishikawa prefecture's soy beans, wheat and rich groundwater from the revered Mount Hakusan.

Mount Hakusan, Ishikawa


Naoe shoyu is well-known for its fine taste and appetizing aroma.  The deep taste of Naoe shoyu matches a variety of local vegetables in Kanazawa.  It is said that shoyu contains over 300 components of aromas, such as, apple, rose, vanilla and so on.  Naoe shoyu is a main..... More information about Naoe shoyu is coming soon.

Chef Kevin Cory's secret blend of shoyu at NAOE® Miami is coming soon.

Naogen Shoyu





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