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6 6 1    B R I C K E L L    K E Y    D R I V E

                                                                                                                                                                             ( Photo/Swire )

Located on an island off the center of a major city, Brickell Key was first created as an off-shore property in 1896
composed of two small islands by the Father of Miami, Henry Flager.
In 1943, Edward N. Claughton Sr. combined them into a single 44-acre island.

Since the late 1970's, Swire developed Brickell Key into a sustainable green community
with the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, ASIA and more encompassing the Village Green.

NAOE® is located in the middle of town at the Courvoisier Centre.
* Reservations are required.


Brickell Key Drive is also known as SE 8th Street.

Guests must park in the Courvoisier Centre parking garage.
NAOE® validates garage parking for the first two (2) hours.



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