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Chef Kevin Cory trained with his chef Uncle, 直江康 Yasushi Naoe in Toyama,
surrounded by the steep mountainous terrain of the 飛騨山脈 Hida Mountains a.k.a. Northern Alps on three sides,
and with fertile rolling plains at its heart, Toyama borders the Toyama Bay and Sea of Japan.
In a country famous for seafood, the fish in Toyama is especially well-regarded.

Ranked number one on Honshu (Japan's main island) for its natural vegetation,
Toyama is blessed with a beautiful natural environment and has the fewest municipalities of any prefecture in Japan.
Toyama is said, to be shaped like a silhouette of a butterfly that is setting off to fly, is full of nature, history and culture. www.ty.zennoh.or.jp/ground/index.html

Toyama is also famous for its historical pharmaceutical industry.
From infants to the elderly, regardless of disabilities,
care services in a home environment are offered to all people in their neighborhoods.
This style of day care was initiated by Toyama citizens and is spreading all over the country.
Toyama is ranked number one in Japan for home ownership and household size
and offers its residents the finest living environment.

30% of the total land area of Toyama was designated as Natural Parks.
Toyama's mountains act as a tremendous natural dam from which an abundant supply of pure water flows year-round.
This water is utilized in the production of hydroelectric power and a variety of other purposes,
making it a vital resource for Toyama industries and daily life.

Chef Kevin Cory recommends nature enthusiasts to visit Toyama.
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Matsukawa River Yuran-sen (boat excursion).
One way to enjoy the seasonal scenery of Toyama, including its spring cherry blossoms, is to take a hand-rowed boat excursion departing from a platform located in Joshi-Koen (Toyama Castle Park, the symbol of Toyama Prefecture).  A cruise on the Matsukawa River, flowing through the center of the city, allows for an exciting tour under the seven bridges that cross over it.

With many kinds of wild cherry blossoms and the topography with the altitude difference,
Toyama can enjoy cherry blossoms for a long term.
Starting from the blooming of Kinmame Cherry Tree in middle of March to Takane Cherry Tree in the end of June,
Cherry Trees in Toyama keep blooming in each place for approximatey four months
and can be seen twice a year in the spring and the fall.


Zuiryuji Temple was built more than 400 years ago in Takaoka during the Maeda era.


Tonami Tulip Fair
More than a million tulips of over 400 varieties are the attraction from
the end of April to the beginning of May at the Tonami Tulip Garden.


Kingdom of Water Toyama


ホタルイカ Hotaru-ika Firefly Squid in 滑川 Namerikawa.
As the only one of its kind in the world, the Hotaru-ika Museum offers visitors the chance
to have an interactive experience with hotaru-ika from Toyama Bay and learn what firefly squids are all about.

Known for its wide variety of fish, Toyama Bay has been dubbed "Nature's Fish Tank,"
because throughout the year many kinds of kitokito-no fish (meaning "very fresh" in Toyama's local dialect)
are caught and then unloaded from ships at bustling fishing ports along the coast of the bay,
such as 魚津 Uozu, 新湊 Shinminato, and 氷見 Himi.

The coastal shelf in Toyama Bay is small, and the sea floor drops sharply a short distance from the land, with the deepest parts
of the bay being more than 1,200 meters deep.  Into the surface seawater of the bay, warm-water fish species are carried by
the warm Tsushima current, while in the deep seawater at a depth of over 300 meters coldwater fish species live in
the much cooler waters of the Japan Sea (deep seawater) at a temperature of around two degrees Celsius.
Thus, Toyama Bay has an environment where both warm- and cold-water marine life can exist,
and thus it is a treasure trove of marine resources.

Savor Himi: Japan's Best City for Fish

Buri (Japanese amberjack only found in the Sea of Japan) are known as the King of Toyama Bay.
The 氷見 Himi coast has the largest continental shelf in Toyama Bay, and is a good spawning ground for fish.
Beyond this, there are deep sea valleys rich in plankton. Fixed shore nets are placed on the slopes,
and they catch the buri that come here to feed on smaller fish.
The buri of 氷見 Himi has been famous since long ago in history.

Shira-ebi (white shrimp) are known as the Jewelry of Toyama Bay, and only professionally fished in Toyama Bay.

Set net fishing sightseeing (Toyama Bay Marine) involves leaving 氷見 Himi harbour early in the morning
to observe traditional Etchu-style set net fishing that stretches back 400 years.
You can also watch the lively auction of the fresh fish after they have been caught.

Toyama-wan (Toyama Bay) Sushi.
The Japanese eat about 180 types of fish. 156 of those are caught in Toyama Bay alone.
Toyama is a major producer of high quality rice making use of abundant water sources originating from 立山 Tateyama.


立山 Tateyama Mountain Range.
In all of Japan, the only place where mountains with an elevation of 3,000 meters
can be seen “over the sea” is the coastline stretching between 雨晴 Amaharashi (高岡 Takaoka) and 氷見 Himi.
立山 Tateyama is one of the Nihon Sanreizan 日本三霊山 Three Holy Mountains of Japan.
The climbing season for 立山 Tateyama is from April until November.


立山 Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route opens middle of April.
Snow walls packed 20 meters high.
Tateyama "Yuki no Otani (snow walls)" is usually open from April 15 - June 22.


Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route video


Tateyama Snow Clearing video



立山ロープウェイ Tateyama Ropeway is the longest unsupported ropeway in Japan
spanning 1 mile long with a vertical interval of 1,600 feet.
立山室堂 Tateyama Murodo is the oldest mountain hut in Japan.
室堂駅 Murodo Station is the highest altitude station in Japan (2,450m).
みくりが池温泉 Mikurigake-Onsen is the highest altitude hot spring in Japan (2,410m).
称名滝 Shomyo-daki Falls is the tallest waterfall in Japan (350m).
However, Hannoki Falls is seasonally the tallest waterfall in Japan at a height of 497m, when the
snow covering Midagahara plateau melts from April to July.

Zip-Line Tateyama 立山
Slide down on a pulley mounted on the cable suspended in the forest.


The Kurobe Railway is considered to have Japan's best views.
Kurobe Railway BBC Video
With the emerald Kurobe River winding through it, the Kurobe Gorge is the deepest V-shaped gorge in Japan.
Pure mountain water flowing down its beautiful, rocky slopes lends contrast to the danger of this precipitous, rugged environment.


黒部ダム Kurobe Dam is the tallest dam in Japan, standing at a 1,614-feet long and 610-feet high variable radius (dome).
The 黒部ダム Kurobe Dam is the most popular hydropower site in Japan and between late June and mid-October,
water is released from its spillway for onlookers.

Lake Kurobe cruise ship, Garube is the highest sailing vessel in Japan.



Unazuki Onsen is in Kurobe area.
This beautiful hot spring town overlooks the splendid nature of Kurobe Gorge.
Abundant in hot spring water, it is Toyama's top onsen resort.
Here you can enjoy the scenery and the delicacies of the seasons.
It is a good base for exploring the Kurobe Gorge area.



Unazuki Dam


Swans migrate in late autumn and spring from Siberia, about 3780km (2350miles) away
to Tajiri Pond (Swan Lake) to overwinter in Toyama.


The Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go & Gokayama,
UNESCO World Heritage Sites that run across the borders of Gifu & Toyama prefectures.
Gokayama, which means five valleys, is infamous for its unique
“gassho –zukuri” (constructed like hands in prayers) architecture that was impressively built
without the use of nails and consists of steeped 60 degree thatched roofs.

Wanosato minka is in Gifu prefecture, close to Hida-Takayama.


The resort closest to the stars, Hotel Tateyama is located on top of Mount Tateyama.
Visit upon the Yuki-no-Otani snow walls opening from mid April
and spend the night gazing at the stars. Please check their star gazing schedule.

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The new Daiwa Roynet Hotel - Toyama Ekimae is most conveniently located, right by the Toyama train station.


Toyama Train Station
The Shinkansen (bullet train) extension to Kanazawa & Toyama is scheduled to open in March 2015.


Toyama Airport


Toyama Tourist Information Guide



Five Cycling Routes in Toyama video


Remote Riches in Toyama




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